Airfare is a mysterious thing. On any given day, you can pay more money for a shorter flight that you book months ahead than you can pay for a longer flight that you book the day before. What gives? To name the obvious, a lot of factors go into airfare prices. You can hedge your bets on airfare by following these travel hacks and you can always follow these tips to get cheaper airfare. But those tips explored, there’s still a lot about airfare to be gleaned.  

For instance, when you buy a ticket, your money will get divvied like this:

Probably the first thing you’ll do when you are looking to travel some place (oif you’re trying to save some money) is look at the cheaper options. Some airlines are drastically cheaper than others, but how do they get away with it? Consider the below:

That’s all well and good, but when exactly is the best day to book an international flight?

And day of the week?

And months?

Hope that helps in demystifying the mysterious. If you have any other travel tips, please let me know in the below comments.

Safe travels!

Damian Esteban